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Shabnam Palesa Mohamed is an award-winning activist, journalist, lawyer, mediator, analyst, strategist, and public speaker from South Africa.

She has over 20 years of combined experience in these fields as they relate to strengthening human rights, developing people power and promoting constructive co-existence.

Shabnam is also a creative, applying her skills to graphic design and animation. She co-published a book in 2020, served as editor in chief, and is an author and poet.

Shabnam serves in leadership roles in South Africa (Transformative Health Justice and SA VAERS), in Africa (Children's Health Defense Africa, and African Sovereignty Coalition) and internationally (World Council for Health).


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I am a passionate believer in the power of The 99% to co-create a better world. I use skills and networks to achieve this vision and I collaborate with incredible people, groups and organisations in Africa and around the world.

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Exit The WHO

For various compelling reasons, including the WHO's facilitation of infertility experiments in Kenya, the popular Exit The WHO campaign is a core focus for Shabnam.

In 2021, she spotted the WHO's proposed new pandemic treaty/accord and, given her experience in analysing and challenging injustice, decided to highlight its dangers.

Since then she has worked on raising awareness about the International Health Regulation amendments and on #ExitTheWHO with amazing allies around the world.

Shabnam creates and co-creates strategies and campaigns, writes articles and other documents, hosts interviews, and participates in events in/for the 
#ExitTheWHO movement.

In 2022, the 47 nation African bloc raised critical objections to the IHR amendments on the basis that they are rushed and threaten sovereignty. Shabnam believes that BRICS is well positioned to #ExitTheWHO and become truly free.

Most recently, she drafted a strategic bill to #ExitTheWHO - which, with national lobbying, can be enacted in your country. If you would like a free copy of this bill, download it below and sign up below for updates.

She is currently also focused on the UN power grab which she has unequivocally stated is a far bigger threat to health, freedom and sovereignty than the WHO, primarily because the UN can impose sanctions for non-compliance.


Resource: Exit The WHO Bill

Shabnam drafted an effective and concise three page bill

to Exit The WHO. This bill was drafted for South Africa, through the support of the African Sovereignty Coalition. See below.

If your country requires assistance with drafting its own bill to #ExitTheWHO, please email Shabnam via the website and subscribe for updates. Bill translations are most welcome

Step 1: Download The Bill. Step 2: Sign The Petition to Support it.


Support The Bill

To the South African goverment

Exit the WHO - South Africa

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